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AMCON Green is a full-service electrical and mechanical engineering firm located in Sunnyvale, San Diego, and Los Angeles specializing in Cannabis Cultivation & Engineering. We specialize in creating fully functional cannabis facilities and have helped construct some of the largest grow operations in California, Colorado, Illinois and Massachusetts. We handle, with great precision and capability, permitting; grow room facilities design, interior design, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing for cannabis facilities. Our experience with engineering and architectural design goes back 35 years, working with some of the biggest companies around.

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We specialize in creating fully functional cannabis facilities and have helped construct some of the largest grow operations in California, Colorado, Illinois and Massachusetts.

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Equipment Supply

We provide the highest quality and cost-efficient cannabis cultivation facility equipment.


We don’t walk away after the project is done. We’ll help with management and maintenance.


Purpose engineered systems that precisely integrate with your OpEx and CapEx.


A full-service construction capability that centralizes key functions to ensuring timely delivery.

  • Specific Construction Costs

    There are specific challenges, only faced by cannabis operations, that engineers and designers need to know. If you hire the wrong designer, you risk having your various design elements (architecture, mechanical, electrical, and civil) not working together.

  • Reducing Future month-to-month operating Costs

    With our systems, you get reduced utility rates. Our ventilation system reduces costs by targeting specific areas, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing the levels of maintenance

  • Licensing, Permits, Inspections, Building Codes

    We save you a ton of time and the stress of dealing with the bureaucracy. This is one of the most stressful aspects of building a cannabis facility and we at AMCON completely remove that burden from your plate.

We can design and engineer your cannabis facility

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Amcon Green's integrated Design-Build approach streamlines project delivery from conception through operation

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Our Services


Leverage our in-house team of architects and engineers.


Not sure how to start? Let us guide you through application processes, site evaluations, and more.


We procure, integrate, and optimize complex equipment and systems to ensure optimal performance.


Our services include construction management, general contracting, and integrated Design-Build.

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    Design & Build

    Our team brings decades of experience in the construction design and build industry. We fully understand the unique challenges of building facilities to our customers’ specifications and are dedicated to delivering above industry satndards.

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    With experience in hundreds of commercial, and industrial facilities spanning millions of square feet across the globe, we design, engineer and integrate complex equipment systems into high-performance facilities. We’re honored to be recognized by our peers in our respective industries for best-in-class solutions.
    We can get your facility built quick because we know what the cities want. We’re incredibly responsive and our project management practices ensure schedules and budgets are maintained.


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